The Marrimor Story

To wake up every morning and smile is the greatest gift of all. Its a sign that everything is right in your world. That your theatre-of-life is ready for the big show ahead. It’s our honour to be challenged with this delightful, ambitious goal (morning smiles, that is). And this is where our work starts.

Tanja Hinder, the award-winning Swiss entrepreneur, is a multi- disciplinary designer (Interiors / Furniture / Objects) with an eye for clever design, precise execution, and — as one would expect of the Swiss — efficiency and order. Her honest & warm, listen-first communication style keeps the job not only moving in the right direction, but unconventionally pleasant. 

Selected Projects

Our Promise

Simply, you feel at home, when at home.

Marrimor is a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in interior experiences.

Our services include:

Residential Interior Design

(New-build & renovations)

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design

Furniture & Millwork Design

Area Rugs & Custom Product Designs

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Marrimor Studio Inc.

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